Sunday, 21 March 2010


So after four tests, namely:

1. Urinalysis
2. Ultra-sound
3. CT Scan
4. X-ray of the spine

the doctor finally gave me a clean bill of health.

Sorry if I was whining in twitter about it, I was really scared. At first they thought it was kidney stones, then an enlarged prostate, then an injury to the spine.

In fairness to me, this was the first time I was subjected to this many tests in diagnosing just one illness. But I've learned a valuable lesson, don't stress too much until you've actually found out that something is wrong.

And so the doctor's final conclusion was: it's stress-related and I need some exercise. Great!!!


ShatterShards said...

Stress? What's to be stressed about? It's not like the income tax reporting deadline is some 20 days away, right? Oh, wait a minute, it is! Good luck! :-)

JR said...

Kulang ka lang sa sex! lol

Guyrony said...

I'm glad you're fine Mr. Auditor. Shake, Twist and Grind to Good Health!

Go go go!

london boy said...

@shattershards di lang dec. 31 clients, syempre sumasabay din ang mga fiscal year-end client diba?

@jr mahirap makipag-sex ng inaantok o kulang sa tulog! nanghihina si junior ;)

@guyrony yep, we need to dance more in BED!!

Angelo said...

good to know all went well. :)

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