Sunday, 26 July 2009

Oh My Daniel!

He made me love James Bond.

He made me love British actors.

He made me love him.


This photo is from his movie "Flashbacks of a Fool", it starts with an orgy scene with Daniel and 2 women where he shows everything except his tool.

I want this popsicle!!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

OMG! Duncan James of "Blue" is bisexual!!!

Fair enough if you haven't heard about him before. Blue, a boyband which he is a member of wasn't that popular in the Philippines. But I'm sure you know one of their hits "One Love".

I didn't know him either when I was still in Manila, it's when I went to the UK that I heard of him, he was playing one of the characters in "Chicago" in the West End, and this promotional poster of him caught my eye, I was salivating!!

So, I was thrilled when they announced in April that Blue has reformed.

But I was even thrilled when I read this news article this afternoon:

Here are tidbits of what he said in that interview:

"I'm bisexual. I've been in loving relationships with men as well as women - and I'm not ashamed."

"Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi? That's why I was so frightened about talking. Now, in my early 30s, I know who I am and I'm proud of who I am. I don't want to hide anymore."

"I wanted to be able to say to someone, 'This is going on and I don't know what to do,' but I was too SCARED."

"Being bisexual as a man is a taboo subject but I'm 100 per cent happy with who I am. "

"But I'm at a place where I'm finally comfortable with myself after 31 years."

"I'm ready to be honest, not just to myself but to all the fans and everyone who's been there for me."

I hope Duncan's honesty pays off and not jeopardize Blue's comeback. Love you Duncan!!

P.S. I just realized why I'm so attracted to him, it's because he looks like Josh Weston, one of my favorite "Falcon" stars. :)

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