Monday, 1 November 2010

Landi lang ;)

I take public transportation going to work. It takes me 1.5 hours to reach Makati in the morning. That's a 30-minute jeepney ride, then an hour FX taxi ride to Ayala Ave.

This is usually the most unpleasant part of my day. The jeepney passes through the most dusty roads in Manila. And for some strange reason, jeepney drivers go berserk at a certain street in my route, all hell breaks loose. Now the FX taxi ride is more unpredictable, the comfort of your ride depends on how well the airconditioning works and which seat you get. I just think it's so cruel to fit 4 people in one row in a van (especially if there's an alpha-male wannabe who spreads his legs as if his balls are the size of melons). My only comfort is having my Iphone and shutting off the rest of the world till I reach Makati.

About 2 months ago, respite came in the form of a 6-foot tall hunky, friendly guy. I was seated at the back row of a van, and he was on the other side facing my direction.

I was mesmerized. I was stealing glances of him most of the ride, and he would catch me each time ;) but he would just smile back.

For about 2 weeks, I'd see him in the terminal waiting in line, we would ride the same van at times (though on different rows). I continued to steal glances, and still get caught.

Until one morning, we were seated at the back of an FX taxi, just the two of us, one on each side. I do my usual glance and smile, and he would still smile back. I said to myself "this is my chance." So I mustered all the courage I had, typed a message in my Iphone and showed it to him.

He smiles back again, raises his thumb, and hands me back my phone.

Ay shit, straight pala, wehehe. (friendly lang si kuya ;) )
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