Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Blast from the not so distant past

I was going through the notes in my iphone and stumbled upon a note I wrote a few months ago. Can't remember anymore why I wrote it.

"I want to make a good man out of you, but im just not sure if my heart can take all the pain. "


Guyrony said...

and who is this for mr. auditor?

london boy said...

guess :)

konti lang naman ang choices e.

Guyrony said...

I know of two. But nonetheless I know already.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

They won't bite into it.

Learn from it and embrace it.maybe not wholly but at least a part of it.

Manech said...

That struck a chord. :(

london boy said...

@manech, i feel better now :)

thanks for dropping by!

Mac Callister said...

hi first time here...heard about u from rik.

have a good week!

london boy said...

hey mac callister!

this is your 2nd time here :)

you already commented in an earlier post:

hope life is ok in qatar!

JR said...

Hey fellow Mr. Auditor...thanks for your comment in my blog..mga auditor talaga, one liner lang ang drama, pero tagos hanggang...;-)

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