Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Unfinished Post

I started writing this entry while riding an FX taxi on my way to work. It was triggered by a text message I received that morning. But I've completely lost my line of thought, so I'll just give up and leave this post as it is.

Love - ain't it a bitch?

Why does it have to be too complicated?

You need to find the right person - physical, emotional, maturity levels, etc. 

It's hard to enough to find the right person, but he has to come at the right time. Not when one has just broken up. Not when one is in a "playful" stage. Not when one is about to leave the country. 

I've been hurt before, and I still believe that it hasn't scarred my emotions that bad ..... 


Guyrony said...

Mr. Auditor, hope you're doing great! :)

Smile, your cuteness will be wasted if you won't.

london boy said...

haha, im ok.

emo-emohan lang yan last week.

erwin said...

this is a late comment. i can relate to what you posted. will the right man still come into my life? :(

london boy said...

@erwin of course you will :) despite all the heartbreaks ive experienced, i know it in my heart that the right person will come.

thanks for reading my blog :)

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