Sunday, 11 July 2010

Me and my big .......

...... mouth!


It all started innocently, I was having merienda with my co-managers at work, then 2 of my bosses decided to share our table.

Small talk, small talk, yada yada yada.

Topic suddenly shifts to co-manager and why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Oh, I love this kind of conversations, I love roasting people, one question after another, don't let the roastee recover, hihihi.

"And how about you London Boy?" asks Boss #1.


"Ah, hmmm, aahhh...." (what the fuck!)

"Oh my, are you interested in another species?" asks Boss #2. (Translation: You like men?!?)

London Boy - smiling, blushing (damn London! I was incapable of blushing when I left Manila 2 years ago!)

"I don't need someone permanent in my life."

"What???" - Boss #1 and 2 and co-manager.

"No plans of getting married? How about kids? Marriage is such a blessing" - Boss #1

"I have a niece, boss. And I can get a different blessing each week. Why settle for one?"

Oooppsss .... (was that too much to say?)

Awkward silence.

Silly grins.

Rrringggg, rrringgg.

"Excuse me boss, client call :)"


Eternal Wanderer... said...

oh shit i can relate. may inuman kami last fri, and trainer asks: what about you ternie, do you have anything to share?

buti na lang maingay yung bar. kunwari wala akong narining.


Anonymous said...

You know what they say, share your blessings! Wait, we already shared two blessings na pala. hehe

Guyrony said...

Ah, the slip of the tongue. How we wish it to be undone but alas, the words are already out in the open.

Accept and embrace for the inevitable happened.

iurico said...

LOL. I can just imagine if it were my colleagues who asked me this.

london boy said...

@ternie haha, buti ka pa, pwedeng magpanggap na di naririnig. ako kasi nasa pantry, walang lusot, haha!

@dudes share lang ng share! sa saturday ulit, hahaha!

@guyrony yeah, the pressure now is on my bosses, if they will treat me differently because of this, but we have a good diversity and equality policy, so nothing much should change :)

@iurico super mega duper blush ako! kaya huling huli ako, hehe.

closet case said...

bwahahaha love this @londonboy! you should have seen it coming!

london boy said...

@cc i know! ang bilis ng karma, hahaha

davidrockens said...

yay! daig mo pa siguro binuhusan ng tubig na may yelo..

london boy said...

@davidrockens korek! bistadong bistado, hehe.

thanks for following my blog :)

Ryan said...

Saved by the bell---or, in this case, by the telephone ring! Love it!

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