Friday, 24 April 2009

Holiday Cuties

I'm back from my holiday. Now take a look at the cuties that I collected for you.

Cutie # 1 - Gay guy in H&M, San Francisco

Cutie # 2 - Straight guy in H&M, San Francisco

Cutie #3 - The 3rd guy from the left in Monterey, California

Cutie #4 - Brandon Routh look-alike in Universal Studios

Cutie #5 - Straight Guy in Universal Studios

Wish I could have taken more pictures :)


rik32miles said...

I'm always game for window shopping for eye candies....cute yung first pict....summer na neng lets go to hyde park and take pictures...hahahhaha
and don't forget the gay parade...

I have exactly the same view when I was in monterey...kaya wiz picture taking ng mga boys I was with my relatives...hahhah

Anonymous said...

Eye candies.... Does it mean the end of c series and you're looking on the other direction.

london boy said...

yup! sadly, it's over.

im now moving on.


closet case said...

great hunk pics! wish i was there. i've wanted to do that everytime i travel but i get scared that taking their pics might offend them.

london boy said...

hey cc!

those are all stolen shots, it's the good zoom function of my camera that did the trick :)

DATS said...

NICE SHOTS! i like the second picture! looks fab! :)

keb said...

Haha. So there are no more things beautiful in UK other than these guys? Kidding. But seriously, you are in London! Whoa! Nice one! Well seriously, my biggest dream is to leave there. It's my London dream. Really! Just wanna share with you dude. Thanks!

By the way, I am Kevin, a fellow Pinoy. Cheers!

london boy said...

hi kevin!

thanks for visiting my blog. those guys are actually from outside the UK. they are the cuties I saw while I was on holiday in california.

yeap, it's fun in london, especially if you like the West End and historical places.

Anonymous said...

hey, nakatingin kaya yung first guy. patay ka, nakita ka niya.

london boy said...

@narnia haha. he didnt mind naman, nabigla lang siguro sya.

Anonymous said...

The first guy is Jay Roberts!! He's pretty popular in the Internet, if you know what I mean :))

I was just searching for blogs to read and I found yours! So happy coz I had the time of my life in London (I'm Filipino and study in Manila), it was the first time I ever went to a gay bar and I remember just staring at all the hot gay guys and kept thinking to myself "who the hell needs to fantasize about straight men if gay men are this hot!" :))

anyway, your blog is so refreshing and reminds me of the glorious days I spent in London. You've found yourself a new follower in me hahaha

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