Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Monday afternoon.

Inside a tube train on the Piccadilly line.

I was reading the newspaper.

Hatton Cross station, two guys sit in front of me.

This made me miss the point of the opinion piece I was reading ....

And this made me miss my stop.Ahh, distractions :)


tingkoling said...

i dont know how to leave a private massage..
im also in london.Came here November of last year..Finally,after my long search of PLU blogger based in London nakita din kita..hehehehe..

La lng,im staying with strayt hawsmates medyo hirap ienjoy ang London coz they try to know my whereabouts most of the time and wla pa maxado ako alam dito i'm still discovering kung saan pwede manghada..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..

masaya ako kahit sa web lng i have someone na pwede mkausap..


london boy said...

hi tingkoling!

you can send me an email at pusagala@yahoo.com.

there are two more PLU bloggers that I know that are london-based as well.


enjoy reading!

Turismoboi said...

what a boner!

london boy said...


sarap noh? :)

keep smiling! hold on tight!


That guy's coat is nice.

JR said...

WTF hahahaha landi kasi ng landi!

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